Where can I pick-up the bike

You can pick-up and return bike at our branch:

  1. Taipei branch (Homey Hostel): 7F, No. 180, ChangAn West Road, Taipei City, Taiwan ( five mins walking from Taipei main station)
  2. Taoyuan branch (HUB Hotel): No.216 Yanping Road, Zhongyuan District, Taoyuan City (twenty mins drive from Taoyuan International Airport)

Can I pick-up and return the bike at different branch?

Sorry, you can only pick-up and return at the same location.

what equipment is provided in your bike rental package?

We provide LED front head-light, bike lock, portable air pump, saddle bag, toolkit, bike carrier, two spare inner tube (NT200 for per tube if you use it).
*We do not supply helmet due to the personal hygiene issue.

How to get discount?

If you book our acommodation already, you surely can have this discount. For the first three days, the price will be NT10,20 and to the fourth day, the price will be increased NT170 for each day. On the other hand, if you never stay in Homey Hostel or HUB Hotel, the first three days will be NT1,200 and to the fourth day, the price will be increased NT200 for each day.
*The pick-up day and the return day count as TWO days.

What is the type of your bike?

Our bike is Giant road bike- ESCAPE 1.

What if the bike is broken?

Our bike is all well maintained. Please check carefully when you pick up the bike and immediately tell us when you find anything wrong or broken. We will take care of any accident of our bike after the thirty minutes you left the location. Once the bike have any accidents unless there is a reason that you can’t call the police. You always have to call the police and call us so that we can repair the bike with Giant Company. If the accident is caused by you, you will have to pay all the fee (rescued fee, repairing fee, the potential rental money when repairing) is caused by this accident.

Do you have insurance?

Homey Bike only is only responsible for the public liability insurance, if you want to have the other insurances, you should manage it by yourself.

Do you rent electric bike?

Yes, you can rent the e-bike in Taipei main station branch.

Can I rent the bike only for hours?

Yes, but we don’t have reservation service for hour rental. You can call us or come to our branch to confirm whether we have available bike at the time you want to rent.

Time Escape 1 ($TWD)Electric Bike ($TWD)
1hr 80 160
2hr 130 260
3hr 180 360
4hr 220 440
5hr 260 520
6hr 300 600
7hr 340 680
8hr 370 740
9hr 400 800
10hr 430 860
11hr 460 920
12hr 490 980
13~24hr 500 1,000